Rafaël Rozendaal: Mister Nice Hands

The Moving Museum launches the Istanbul Residency with a talk and an interactive YouTube party by artist Rafaël Rozendaal. This is the first event as part of a 3 months public program. “I make work for the internet. I use the web as my main medium. That means when I show my work on a projector, you are seeing the actual work, not documentation. That means my lectures are a “talk” but also an “exhibition”… Get it? After my talk I will invite the audience to participate in Youtube Association. I will choose a Youtube clip and everyone is invited to choose other short clips. A fun group discussion using Youtube clips instead of talking with words.

Details: August 7 2014

Doors Open 20.00

Talk begins at 20.30

The talk will be held in English.

Address: The Moving Museum HQ Ark Kultur Batarya Sk. No.2 Cihangir