We are an activator of thoughts and ideas, with the largest portion of our resources dedicated to the commissioning and production of new work. We don’t just provide financial support for commissions, but work closely with artists to realize their projects from start to finish, grow a team of artist local assistants with a proactive approach that galvanizes artists and encourages experimentation.

We have a special commitment to inspiring, non-traditional projects that would not normally be realizable in a standard museum context. Commissioned projects have gone on to win international acclaim at the Venice Biennale (receiving the Golden Lion) and institutions such as Tate Modern and the Whitechapel Gallery.

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Jonas Lund

Indirect Flights

Joe Hamilton

Abstract Browsing

Rafaël Rozendaal

Gluten and Bondage

Ben Schumacher


Zach Blas

Volume Excess

George Henry Longly

Excellences & Perfections

Amalia Ulman

Hands On

Peles Empire

Resonant rhythm (lost, if not broken)

Özlem Altın

37/38 (Time)

Oliver Osborne

Skin & Horse Hair, Navy Blue, Villager & Heads, Orange Tits & Violet

Nilbar Güreş


Mai-Thu Perret

In the Future, They Ate From the Finest Porcelain

Larissa Sansour

VIP (Viewer Improved Painting)

Jonas Lund

Neon Parallel 1996

Jon Rafman

Indirect Flights

Joe Hamilton

The You Museum

Jeremy Bailey

Sculpture for Rainwater Harvest

Iz Öztat

Double Roasted

Hale Tenger

Hastayım Yaşıyorum (I Am Sick But I Am Alive)

Haig Aivazian

Moís! Spitter and Dribble

David Douard

The Nightwatch

Anne de Vries

Dear Ugly Future

Volkan Aslan

Şallı Bacı' (Scarf Lady)

Aslı Cavusoglu

Liminal Dilution

Emanuel Rossetti & Phillip Zach

Turkuaz (Turquoise)

Lara Ögel

Jump Cut

Leyla Gediz

ONLINE - The You Museum

Jeremy Bailey


Adham Faramawy

Kicking My Game

Hannah Perry

Jesse Wine

Occupy the Cloud

James Bridle

Lower Pop

Cécile B. Evans


Florence Peake

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Alistair Frost

From WOWOW! To Now Now!


Ağlama Atölyesi (Crying Workshop)

Ha Za Vu Zu

Be, be the seven darknesses

Tai Shani

Focusing on an invisible horizon

Marianne Spurr

Slut Stripped Tongue Bare, Even

Clunie Reid


Celia Hempton

Helga was here

Helga Wretman

Dar Al Sulh (Domain of Conciliation)

Michael Rakowitz

How Dirty Is Your Glossy Black

Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq