Technological Performance / Performative Technology

Participating artists include: Tai Shani, Hannah Perry, Adham Faramawy, Cecile B Evans.

The use of technological frameworks within live performances have never been more interconnected. Live streaming, video projections, and instant feedback loops have become intrinsic to performance events over the past few years. The work of the artist Hannah Perry embraces the world of technology as seen in her collaborative performance Have a Nice Day at the Barbican this year; with the integration of real time performance layered with green screen backgrounds and projected video works. Whereas Adham Faramaway’s performances are purely technological and consist of a file that you can download and experience on your desktop in the intimacy of your own home. Cecile B Evans’ performances interact directly with the artist’s technological frameworks while Tai Shani’s work uses traditional theatrical elements of costumes and sets within live video performance.

This Salon explores the ways in which artists are engaging with new technological frameworks to assess the impact that technology and digital media has had on performance practice in contemporary art today.

 ICA London OCT 18 15:00 – 17:00

This event is part of a series of salons taking place at the ICA and the Moving Museum venue. For further details on how to book a place on the forthcoming events please visit the ICA website: