The Moving Museum mobilized a comprehensive Digital Programme that gave audiences around the world the opportunity to engage and participate with the Istanbul Residency.

A major new website developed under the direction of Jeremy Bailey, alongside artists Joe Hamilton, Jonas Lund, and Harm van den Dorpel, served as a dynamic platform for experiencing art on the Internet – to bring the excitement of Istanbul and the residency experience to audiences everywhere to engage. For the Istanbul Residency, this meant finding ways to make the residency visible specifically for online audiences, and in some cases changing the format of the residency itself.

Over a one-year period, they re-imagined institutional architecture for a virtual audience, transforming it from a static repository of information, into a living platform for art. TMM WWW responds to a new generation of audience and practitioners that experience art online as much as they do in person. The resulting website becomes the ‘gallery wall’ with a visual stream that invites visitors to uncover new art and programming in a way that feels intuitive and encourages discovery. Documentation of physical artworks, performances, special project commissions, and public programming will be preserved and presented online alongside social media channels, live streaming events, and digital commissions, unencumbered by categorical navigation.

The Digital Programme included consistent video documentation of public events, a platform to view work created by residency artists specifically for an online audience, as well as a behind the scenes look at the insight and projects of participating artists on Facebook. It features a YouTube video series, digital artwork commissions, and a weekly artist takeover on the Moving Museum’s Instagram account.

The YouTube video series included documentation of public programme events, behind the scenes short films made of individual artists projects, and short interviews with artists about their projects and their work.

Video Lecture/Performance
Rafael Rozendaal: Talk: Mister Nice Hands
Zach Blas: Performative Lecture: Queer Technologies and The Contra-Internet
Haig Aivazian: Talk: Still Water Runs Deep: On Short Circuits, Grounding, and Sabotage
Jon Rafman: Talk: In search of the Virtual Sublime // Sanal Yüceyi Ararken
Amalia Ulman: Performative Lecture
Philip Zach: In conversation with Julia Moritz
Burak Delier: Talk: Ekonomi ve Inanc Jimnastigi 6 Zorunlu 6 Artistik Hareket
Hito Steyerl: Lecture with Fulya Erdemci: A post discussion on ‘Is the Museum a Battlefield?’
Jeremy Bailey: Performative Lecture: Make a Night of It
Ha Za Vu Zu: Workshop: Ağlama Atölyesi/ The Crying Workshop
Hale Tenger: Discussion: Theatre of the Opressed Workshop
Asli Cavusoglu: Talk: Kadın şapka giye ki asıla?
Iz Oztat: Talk

Artist Interviews
Rafael Rozendaal
Zach Blas
Jon Rafman
Daniel Keller
Joe Hamilton
Burak Delier
Larissa Sansour
• Jeremy Bailey
• Gunes Terkol
Ilja Karalampi
Helga Wretman
Leyla Gediz
Jonas Lund

Mai-Thu Perret – Collaboration with HADD in Van, Eastern Turkey
Ben Schumacher – The Making Of Gluten & Bondage video, extraction of undersea telegraph cables