Nilbar Gures

Nilbar Güres deals with certain socio-political issues arising from current identity politics. She builds her image production on a performative approach and cultural observation. Her work is molded around gender, the composition of conceptual space and narrative presentation, and realized in photography, collage, drawing and video. Her recent “Çırçır” series (exhibited at the 6th Berlin Biennial) takes place in a neighborhood confiscated by the state in İstanbul as it is undergoing a problematic urban transformation. Her series works operate with a strong desire to de-territorialize and re-code the spaces and locations they take place in, echoing the artist’s belief that unexpected performances of a body may alter its surroundings. 

Nilbar Güreş, born 1977, is an artist from Turkey based in Vienna and Istanbul and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (MA) and Marmara University Istanbul (BA). Selected solo exhibitions include FO.KU.S at the Foto Kunst Stadtforum in Innsbruck (2014), Pink Is The New Black at Osmos in New York (2013), Self-Defloration at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2011) and Unknown Sports; Indoor Exercises Soloshow at Salzbuger Kunstverein (2009).Selected group exhibitions includeOne Night Stand at Kunstwerke Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin (2014), New Continent – A Selection From the Video Collection of the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai (2014), She is the one at Kunstraum NÖ in Vienna (2013), An Inspiration of History at the Palais De Tokyo in Paris
 (2013) and Desiring the Real at MOCAB Museum Of Contemporary Art in Belgrade (2012).