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Post Religion is a multidisciplinary creative collective and curatorial platform. Based in London, our work explores the relationships between art, technology, film, philosophy, literature, design, and social engagement. Our practice is guided by our principles of: Inclusivity, Solidarity, Diversity, and Sustainability. By collaborating with individuals, groups, and institutions whose work contributes to a critical cultural and societal discourse, we aim to help foster an international community of progressive practitioners who innovate through a multidisciplinary approach.

Claudia Lomoschitz

Feel protected with Softgun – a safe, friendly, marshmallow-based substitute to firearms from Claudia Lomoschitz of brand new safety startup OMG Armory Safety Soultions.

Claudia Lomoschitz (b. 1987) living in Vienna and Hamburg studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and recently finished her MA in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. She is a founding member of One Mess Gallery Vienna and part of the performance collective Club Fortuna with whom she works on performative installations that challenge the border between art and the social. Currently her research focuses on choreographic objects and induced lactation, which will lead to a performance on Kampnagel. Her band called Fitte Titten balance out her PhD project and lectureship position at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Kathia von Roth

Join CCT Founder Kathia von Roth’s quest for a post-competitive future and contribute to this user generated database for co-creation structures to change the world together.

Kathia von Roth is a Hamburg based artist, activist and social engineer. She designs temporary ‘utopian zones’ that enable collaborative creation, from immersive theatre spaces built on fictional storytelling to gamified working structures at festivals, conferences and in collective art works. In 2015 she co-founded the Game Parlour, a trans-disciplinary collective for alternate reality games and transformative real time game development. She defines herself as a revolution consultant for a post-competitive future.

Yinan Song

Keep your everyday operating system and personal information safe and secure with Yinan Song’s Crypto Design Challenge Award winning product Deeply – offering a discrete pathway to the Deep Web disguised in condom-like packaging.

Yinan is an artist, designer & programmer, based in London. Her works lie on the spectrum of art and design, and are usually concerned with technology, politics, or both. Born and raised in China, she moved to the US to attend college and received her BA in Art & Political Science from Yale University. She then worked as a web designer and developer in New York before she started her MA in Information Experience Design program at the Royal College of Art in London.