The Moving Museum aims to make long-term impressions through temporary interventions, with an experimental format that responds in a unique way to each local context. In our first three years, we have mobilized large-scale exhibitions in Dubai, London and Istanbul, have worked with almost 100 artists and have taken over a combined 150,000 square feet of space across 10 locations; have curated intensive public programmes alongside each project, published in-depth publications, hosted dynamic residencies, commissioned over 50 new artworks across all media, and developed a digital programme alongside four of the worlds most important internet artists.


We work with the most innovative artistic voices whose works are shaping contemporary art and developing its future. Artists are invited through a collaborative curatorial model composed of international experts from various disciplines, media and background, in the hopes that the resulting selection represents the combined perspectives of many while stressing the possibility of contradiction.

Artwork Commissions

We strive to offer an unparalleled platform for artists and their ideas. Central to this is a commitment to providing artists new opportunities to work across disciplines and industries. We regularly partner with regional organizations interested in working with and hosting contemporary artists, to conceive and produce collaborative projects.

Innovation & Research

Innovation and experimentation are the foundations of contemporary art and advancement in society. From discussing the role of education in supporting a region’s artists, to developing customized formats for public conversation, The Moving Museum is a catalyst for thought around the changing spaces of art production. Through symposia, public programmes, publishing and through the inclusion of the worlds most cutting edge contemporary and new media artists, The Moving Museum is committed to supporting and presenting innovative research and discourse wherever we go.


Contemporary art encourages cultures, societies and economies to interlink. We believe dialogue within and between communities as well as across disciplines, is an investment in our shared future.

Collaborative Exchange

The Moving Museum is led by the spirit of collaborative exchange. We believe that learning new ways to engage with artists, existing infrastructure, organizations, and audiences is just as important as finding or creating new ones.


We believe that institutional activity should aim to create opportunities to sustain and empower itself and its collaborators, found from a belief that commercial activity can be ethical, sustainable and socially responsible. An institution does not just have to be a passive and dependent body but instead an active participant in a broader cultural economy that re-purposes funding for public good.